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How can I withdraw my money?
How can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your settled funds whenever you want

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You can withdraw your money any time you want through the app, easily and without any commission. Here is how to do it:

1. Access your profile and click on the "Cashout" button.

2. Next, you will have to enter the amount you want to withdraw, select the payment method (“Bank connection” or “Manual money transfer”) and click on "Confirm Cashout".

Note on payment methods:

  • If you choose “Bank connection”, you will be asked to select the bank account to which you want to make the transfer.

  • If you prefer the “Manual money transfer” system, follow the steps you will see on screen to send us the cashout request by email.

Done! Withdrawals are made by wire transfers and you will have the money in your account after 1-2 business days (during public holidays, the process can take up to 3 days).

Since we don’t charge fees, you can withdraw money from your HeyTrade account as many times as you want; but remember to leave enough funds to meet your investment goals.

We hope this information has been useful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us through our chat system, or drop us an email at We will be more than happy to help you! 😊

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